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My brethren! Men from dust,
Are we not the frail and fragile,
The owners! of twigs and rags,
Of crumbs and burdens,
Of submission and desolation,
Do we not beckon the beggar,
And shelter the orphan.

Take heed! an armor, we lack in fashion,
Lest one of skin and planks,
Bow your heads before adversaries,
For compassion conquers lands
Defy not humility, for we are surely,
Collectively, the Men Who Err.

Heirlooms, we lack in relevance,
Our names fashioned from jewels!
Jewels that neither twinkle nor glitter,
In the dreary nights amongst stars.
Nay! Surely these are Signs
For those who transgress.

Amongst desolate lands, we sleep
Beneath the guidance of the night,
And the spirit of the Doha,
Do we not persevere, as one,
With our bellies wailing to the Heavens?

My sons, will we not deliver
Scrolls of justice and sincerity,
Toward the phantom horizons.
Will we not raise our youths,
To conquer the arduous hills
Of the struggles within his chest.

My brothers, are we not grains, atoms,
To the Highest, the Most Magnificent!
Bid me not speak, for I am but a man,
Mortal and fragile, a whisperer in my ear,
Surely wealth and power shall diminish.
Be wary and wise; heed not the one named
The Man Who Sustains.

The man said to the Ruh: “Shall I recount a tale,
Of tumbling waves and ambiguous horizons,
Of Mercy’s voluminous resources,
And Greed’s illusion of limits,
A tale of straight edges and errors,
That of which will surely corrupt you,
O silent and mysterious Ruh.”

But the Ruh exclaimed in dismay,
“Nay! You shall surely corrupt me,
With your tales of tumbling waves,
Be gone, O avarice one!
For surely I shall seek refuge
In the One who has fashioned me,
And has entrusted me to you.”

But the man continued, blind and deaf,
“Lo! It has been foretold,
That a Ruh has been bestowed upon me,
From the Mercy of the Unknown.
Yet the roofs expand outwards,
Towards a Heaven unknown.
The grounds cleave asunder,
And Lo! I shall stumble,
Into a whirl of winds unknown.”

Yet the Ruh exclaimed in dismay,
“O despair! How treacherous these tales,
Of the grounds and Heavens unknown,
For I am but a prisoner,
To a cell of ashes and dust,
Lest this man rectify his errors,
And banish this longing,
For the whirl of winds unknown.”

But the man recounted his tale,
In a burst of passion unknown,
“The blanket of grass humors me,
And the skies of beaming lamps intrigues me,
A day shall come, O Ruh,
Of when the Earth and I shall merge into one,
And still, you shall recount tales and myths,
Of gardens under which rivers flow.”

And with resilience, the Ruh affirmed,
“Indeed, I shall recount tales,
Of gardens under which rivers flow,
Of grapevines and lote-trees,
Of a place bounteous in flesh and fruits,
For surely to Him we shall return.”


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Born in New Jersey, love to travel, read, and write.

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